Practice areas | Outsourcing


Competition between economic actors involves increasingly complex mechanisms. The stakes may involve survival of the company. In an increasingly digitized and automated world, economic actors must demonstrate greater efficiency at more competitive prices. There are particularly certain tasks which are necessary but do not have any added value provided by the company, such tasks may hinder the company’s development.
One solution is to delegate the execution of such tasks to external service providers, rather than making heavy equipment and training investments internally.

Companies outsource primarily to cut costs. The following are some of the services that companies outsource: - accounting and tax related services, personnel administration (recruitment of employees; payroll; obtaining work permits; engagements with insurance companies and authorities, etc.).

Outsourcing is a profitable choice for a company, as long as the right partner is chosen.

It is also essential to be aware of and comply with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions in order for communication of data to an external service provider to be lawful. The question of the lawfulness of the communication being all the more complex if this service provider is located outside the country.

Watt law supports and advises you in setting up a partnership with the service provider of your choice and also advises you on outsourcing services, particularly with regard to processing of data which could be considered according to the law in force as being sensitive and requiring special protection.

Watt law also supports and advises you on how to manage your relationships with your external service providers as well as in cost control, so that the solution adopted remains the most effective and profitable for the development of your core business.