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Restructuring and growth

Cash flow difficulties ; insolvency ; late payments ; reduced liquidity that prevents the timely payment of outstanding amounts; creditors who lose patience ; stopping deliveries impacting production, all of which can cause inconvenience to both companies and individuals, whether as debtors or creditors, even though the management of their assets is very diligent. Indeed, very often, the financial problems encountered by a company are of a cyclical and non-structural nature.
The fact is that no economic actor has an interest in having a business partner who is experiencing difficulties. Restructuring must take into account everyone's interests in order to preserve the trust and continuation of the commercial relationship, which are essential to the company's long-term recovery.

There are solutions to enable a company experiencing difficulties to regain control of its finances and withstand an economically challenging period. These solutions include identifying expense items and developing rationalization or targeted savings strategies ; revaluing assets ; examining the adequacy of the pricing applied ; reassessing priorities in terms of short, medium and long-term management ; debt delays ; and establishing dialogue and negotiating solutions between the persons concerned.

The judicial solution can also be taken into account, as part of a strategy or as a last resort, thanks to the implementation of the many legal instruments available, such as out-of-court debt restructuring, court-approved arrangement with creditors or postponement of bankruptcy.
Sometimes only payment defaults by customers and business partners that put a company at risk of serious financial difficulties. Rigorous monitoring and effective approaches to the company's debtors are essential to the sustainability of its operations.

Lawsuits or bankruptcy are risks inherent in any economic activity. Watt law supports and advises you at every step of the way to help you regain control of your financial situation or recover your debts.