Practice areas | Strategic coaching and support for entrepreneurs in their operational activities :

Strategic coaching and support for entrepreneurs in their operational activities :

Quality, responsive legal support with a perfect knowledge of your company and its line of business is a decisive asset in the daily management of a company, regardless of its size.

Indeed, a company's operational activities and how it relates with third parties are based on and governed by contracts in areas that are complex and varied. The negotiation, drafting and day-to-day execution of these contracts must therefore warrant special attention so that these legal tools can deploy their full effectiveness and power, particularly in the event of difficulties.
Having a solid network of commercial partners and quality contacts with leading banking and financial institutions is a major factor in the funding of a company and especially when it comes to financing its operational activity or growth.

The internal organization of the company and the good functioning of its organs gives confidence to its managers that the pursuit of the commercial activity 1) increases the social fortune, 2) is always in in line with the best interests of the shareholders; 3) always comply with the legal and regulatory framework; and finally 4) that any exposure regarding liability may be controlled.

Meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Company's ordinary and extraordinary general meetings must be prepared and conducted with seriousness and regularity. Furthermore, there needs to be a perfect knowledge and mastery of the issues at stake, particularly when important decisions (vote on the discharge of Board of Directors; capital increase with the issue of new shares involving a risk of dilution of voting rights; amendment of articles of association; adoption of the accounts for the previous financial year) are placed on the agenda.
Finally, Cash is King: The billing process and recovery of unpaid invoices are important as they are critical. Without invoicing and / or cashing, the company cannot be sustainable. These processes must be rigorously and regularly monitored.

Watt Law supports and advises you at every step so that you can devote yourself entirely to the development of your company as well as to its functional activities.