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Legal advice and protection in construction law

both from the point of view of administrative law (building permit procedures) as well as private law (service contract):
Construction law is a highly complex area. It is governed by many rules, both public and private law. These areas and their provisions overlap and are sometimes closely linked to each other.

In matters of public law, each canton (township) is sovereign when it comes to enacting legal or regulatory provisions and administrative procedures in order to implement the legal framework laid down by the Federal Act on Spatial Planning. (Spatial Planning Act, SPA).
Thus, the execution of works of a certain scale requires scrupulous compliance with the building permit procedures and the specific standards laid down by the competent township (cantonal) authority. Both the preliminary administrative phase and the construction phase must comply with strict legal and regulatory provisions, regarding the building codes, the classification and protection of historic monuments and spatial planning.

In addition, the undertaking a real estate project requires collaboration of many private stakeholders. Whether architects, engineers, main contractors or suppliers. Consequently, the undertaking of a real estate project involves the conclusion of a large number of contracts, mainly private law contracts, in often very different fields.

To add to that, there are the problems of defects in the structure and the resulting issues of liability of the service providers involved in the construction. The time limits for taking action and the formal conditions imposed for purposes of compensation in the event of defect(s) in the work must be strictly followed, otherwise the right to invoke compensation for the defect(s) may be lost.
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