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Labour Laws

Labour law is a challenge for business leaders and one of the most effective levers for business success. Legislative and jurisprudential developments in recent years have made this matter more complex. Regulations, particularly in the areas of employment contracts, social insurance and worker protection, have become more stringent and the consequences for companies that do not comply with the legal framework are having an ever greater impact. Similarly, collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and interactions with union representatives are important elements that should not be ignored.
Private employment and temporary recruitment are which are governed by the Federal Law on Employment and Labour Leasing is currently gaining momentum. This is partly due to the permeability of the labour market and the increasing mobility and flexibility of its actors. This trend is accompanied by a tightening of the legal and regulatory framework. The authorities are therefore becoming stricter in granting, maintaining or renewing the authorisations necessary for the legal exercise of the activity. Very often, the employer who wishes to retain his/her employee or hire a candidate is confronted with a relatively long and complex procedure, requiring a plethora of documents and official copies to be provided by the employer and/or employee, not to mention the many conditions whose fulfilment must be proven. This long-term process may lead some employers to give up filling the position or, more seriously, to retain their employees or hire the candidate in an irregular situation, with the consequences and sanctions that result sooner or later.

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