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Provide advice on regulatory matters

particularly in connection with proceedings before the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory authority (FINMA)
Swiss financial market law is subject to strict and complex legislation, particularly with regard to activities of financial institutions (banks, securities dealers, investment funds, insurance companies). The systemic risks associated with their activities, particularly in the financial markets, subject them to strict legal and regulatory obligations, particularly with regard to organisation, risk management, compliance and information systems analysis.
FINMA is the "policeman" of the Swiss financial markets. Its activity is divided into two distinct categories: authorisation and supervision. As a central element of Swiss financial legislation, authorisation allows any organisation that meets the legal requirements to be authorised by FINMA to operate in the Swiss financial markets, within the framework defined by the financial regulations. FINMA’s other core task centres around forward-looking supervision of the financial sector, also known as prudential supervision. Private audit firms also perform supervisory tasks on FINMA’s behalf. FINMA only supervises institutions it has authorised to engage in financial market activity.

FINMA’s primary objective is to ensure there is compliance with the aforementioned legal and regulatory requirements. It supervises the Swiss financial markets in order to ensure that they function properly and that all clients of financial institutions are protected against their insolvency. Surveillance also aims to combat money laundering and other forms of economic crime. Compliance and risk control therefore play a key role in the daily lives of service providers who are active in the financial markets. As provided for in the legislation, intensity of supervision depends on the types of licences issued by FINMA and on its risk assessment.

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